The Tomb

crubling castle walls


The castle is made of cracks and crawling vines. The turrets tremble under their own weight. The battlements were once bursting with guards, now the buttresses might burst at any time.

In the center of the courtyard, there is a large square structure of hewn rock. One of its doors are on the cobblestones, the other is hanging on its last hinge. The structure surrounds the entrance to a tomb, and that tomb was also the reason for the whole castle being built. It was all to guard the tomb. That is, the builders found it very important that there should be someone ready if the one laid to sleep in the tomb should be as restless as prophesied.

It was always difficult to keep up repairs, the castle being so far from everything, and the threat must have seemed less for each year that passed. At some point the last guard must have left or died or been killed.

You say, we could rebuild, hire new guards, and we could, but it would be pointless.

The tomb is empty.

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  1. Was waiting for that last line. Was not disappointed. Well done. 🙂


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