Try The Void!

sales pitch


From the void I come, bringing gifts of forgetfulness.

If your eyes have seen things, you wish they had not, throw them in the void!

Throw your painful recollections in the void, I mean. It is much better than a vault. Put your memories in a vault and they might return someday, the vault might leak or be destroyed by meddling pests, but throw something in the void and it’s gone forever.

And it will never fill up!

Throw in anything, your high school years, the death of your sibling, last Christmas, the song too if you want, and the void will remain as empty as when you first stared into it.

And what will it cost you?


That is, there will be a hole of nothing where your discarded memory was, and you might feel it tugging once in a while, especially on lonely nights.

Just remember, you can dispose of anything in the void,

physical things included.


(Credit: Fazboggle from

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