69 Annoyance

Angry old man

I am most certainly not just an angry old man, I just need people to stop being such idiots around me. I mean, look at this, all my toast is ruined. How am I going to make a cheese sandwich now?

I don’t care about her age, if she’s old enough to toast bread, then she’s old enough not to burn it.

I could have had more bread, but someone couldn’t read a shopping list. I put three things on that list, and white bread was very first one. Three things. And you came home with all these lichen fruits or whatever they’re called and pomegrenades and no white bread. Not a single slice.

Well I can assure you that I will do all my own shopping in the future.

Hopefully they’ve got those machines now, so I can pay without having to deal with those imbeciles they put behind the counter.

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