Rose love letter

(Credit: vidokusr)

My Love,


Why did you leave me in the hall of mirrors? Were the distortions too much for you? Was it something I said? You forgot you white silk handkerchief.

Where did you go? I wandered the carnival for an hour, looking for you. The only one who remembered you was the fortune teller, and she just shook her head and told me to go home.

Your maid insists that you are not home every time I come to visit, but she keeps the flowers. She kept the handkerchief too last time I came by, I hope you did not think I meant to keep it from you.

Why do you not answer my letters? Please answer this one at least, if only to let me know that you want to be rid of me. The silence is unbearable. Yesterday I even thought that I heard your voice, but when I turned, there was only a mirror.


Yours, if you will still have me,


Sailing a Sunless Sea

I’m sailing a sunless sea. Looking for your light. Searching for that white pinprick of hope on the horizon. Far enough east, the direction of the god Salt, there should be real starlight.

It cannot be far now, if I read the navigator’s notes right. However, I still wish we had not left him with the monkeys and their thieving little hands. They have probably stolen his soul by now.

It was not my idea; the crew pressured me into it. They were worried that he might pick up some old bad habits if our supplies dwindled on our way east. The thought makes me release a half sob half chuckle. They were afraid of that poor shivering wreck of a navigator.

I mop up more blood from the deck and look for Salt’s light.

And forgiveness.



Fallen London and the Sunless Sea

I’ve been playing Fallen London and Sunless Sea quite a bit the last couple of weeks. The first is a free browser game, the second is a more traditional computer game.

What they have in common is the world they are set in. Her Enduring Majesty, the Traitor Empress of London, sold her city to the bazaar save her husband in 1861. This means that the entire city was taken under ground by bats to the shore of the Unterzee, where it has been for about thirty years when the game begins. In Fallen London, the player makes a home in the Victorian, Gothic city and explores its possibilities. In Sunless Sea, the player is a Zee-captain discovering islands and zee monsters of the Unterzee.

I enjoy the dark and mysterious stories of these games immensely, and if I can manage to create an atmosphere like they did in Sunless Sea in one of my texts, I would count that as a great success.

Of course I’ll never do that if I don’t write anything, so off I go to write something.

Let’s zee how it goes…

Three Little Texts – Clearcloud (3 of 3)

violent thunderstorm

(Credit: wben)

Clearcloud smiles at the cloudless blue sky. She is close to falling asleep when someone cries

‘Look!’ and she sits up. Four humans are walking up the garden path, looking at Clovertoes, and Quicktoes is flitting around in the bushes behind them. Her transparent wings shimmer in the sunlight, but the humans don’t notice; they never notice. A cloud passes over Clearcloud’s face, but it is quickly gone. It has been a long time since humans have lived here, it might be different this time, it might even be fun; playing tricks on other fairies never feels quite as exciting.

During the day, Quicktoes breaks several coffee cups and a miniature horse made of glass while Clearcloud swaps the clothes in the boy’s and the girl’s wardrobes, which begins a heated argument between the children, and casts a glamour which makes the whole house smell of chocolate cake, which confuses all the humans and greatly disappoints the adult male. Clearcloud meet with Quicktoes on the roof several times where they laugh their heads off and Clearcloud tells her friend that she is glad the humans came. When did they last have such fun? Quicktoes smiles as she answers that she does not recall, but her eyes are worried and is casts a shadow on Clearcloud’s spirits.

An hour after the children have gone to bed, Clearcloud is curled into a ball and shaking. It is their dreams, just like last time humans came, their dreams are so loud. The girl child dreams of a school yard and the shouting and laughter reaches Clearcloud as if through a megaphone, tinny and jarring. The boy dreams of a forest, and the shrill calls of dream birds cuts into Clearcloud’s ears, it cuts into her bones. She tries to sing, she tries to stuff her fists into her ears, but the noise just grows and grows. So she whizzes down into the girl’s bedroom and tears the covers off her, then onto the boy and pushes him out of bed with a well placed glamour. She sighs as the natural night noises replace the garish dreams. It will not last long, she knows, they will fall asleep again, but she has many more tricks up her sleeve. Maybe a nice violent thunderstorm could do the trick. Or if they’re heavy sleepers, she might have to throw them against a wall.

A week later, four battered and bleary eyed humans shuffle down the garden path with what they can carry. They clench their teeth against the sting of the fresh cuts on their fingers. When Clearcloud wakes up she will be sorry for hurting them, but right now she is enjoying the nothingness of fairy sleep.

Three Little Texts – Clovertoes (2 of 3)

Rabbit eating clover

(Credit: Hubert J. Steed)

Clovertoes hops out from the bushes and nibbles a mouthful of clover.

‘Look!’ A voice cries. She looks up and sees a young boy trying to point without letting go of a pile of three cardboard boxes in his arms. In front of him walks a young girl carrying two similar boxes and behind them is a woman dragging a huge blue suitcase and a man with a huge black suitcase.

‘Look,’ the boy says again, ‘a bunny!’

‘Maybe it lives under the house,’ says the woman.

‘Do you think it’s tame?’ asks the man, ‘it doesn’t seem at all afraid.’

‘No one has lived here in years,’ says the woman.

Clovertoes keeps her eyes on them as they walk up to the front door, but continues her meal. They are the ones who should be afraid, she thinks. Clearly they don’t know why the house has been empty for so long.

Three Little Texts – Quicktoes (1 of 3)

The large ones blunder blindly up to the house carrying piled cardboard boxes and hauling suitcases. Why have they come, Quicktoes wonders, don’t they know that their kind is not welcome here?

Step, step, sneak. Quick little toes across the garden path behind them. They haven’t seen her yet and they never will, although she will knock over their vases and pull their hair in the dark until they are chased away for good. And hopefully they will leave quickly, she thinks, otherwise Clearcloud will take action, and nobody wants that. Not even Clearcloud.

New Fears


(Credit: devfloat.net)

I was more than halfway home, when she was suddenly there in the middle of the forest path. The moon gave her dark hair a halo and let me see enough of her pleasing form to conclude that she was naked. I might have become aroused, were it not for her hands; Each had five long claws instead of fingers and the right one was dripping blood. In the periphery of my vision, I saw a man sized lump at the side of the path, but I could not tear my eyes away from her, and when she raised her red right hand and pointed straight at me, I knew that there could be no escape. I looked up into her eyes and there I saw flames from another world.

However, she did not choose to take me that night, she spread out black bat wings behind her and flew into the sky, and I went home in a daze, shivering and sweating profusely.

I sleepwalked through the next couple of days. When they asked me about the dead man I merely shook my head. When I woke up proper, I realized that all the fears and worries I used to have had been replaced with a woman with a red right hand and an inferno in her eyes.

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