Notes from the Realm of Fairie (1 of 4)

1 Concerning the Appearance of Fairies


(Credit: jubjubjedi on Deviantart)

Fairies, and by this term I mean inhabitants of the realm of Fairie, vary so vastly in size and countenance that it is near impossible to describe them all. While one might resemble a lady or gentleman another might more closely resemble a wild boar, a rhododendron bush or even a small screw. However, when they are objects, I have discovered one rule; although they might be copper, gold or wood, they are never pure iron.

In addition to this variety, a great number of fairies can change their shape or even more often use illusions, called glamours, to make themselves appear different from what they are.

I have even experienced some fairies expressing doubt as to their own true shape, but this might simply have been to increase my confusion. Not that I would think it necessary to confuse me further (the lasting twilight, the strange stars and doorways leading elsewhere than simply to the other side already has me thoroughly perplexed), but it seems that every time I communicate with one of these beings, they are determined to lead me astray.

If I ever make it out of this realm, I shall do my best never to return. Hopefully, my collected knowledge will aid me to that effect.

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