Notes from the Realm of Fairie (2 of 4)

2 Concerning Bells


(Credit: ShipwreckedBarnacles on Deviantart)

Some time ago (I think it was yesterday, but I cannot seem to keep track of the time here), I heard church bells in the distance. I hurried to follow the sound, hoping to find a way out at last, but the sound stopped before I could reach it. After straining my ears for several minutes, I gave up with a sigh and noticed a few yards to my right two child-sized goblin like fairies discussing something under a tree. When I asked them about the church bells, they hissed and covered their ears. When I tried to question them further, they spat at me between their pointed teeth, climbed the tree and disappeared among the dark branches.

This aversion seems at odds with what I have otherwise observed. During my time here, many hunting parties on horseback and carriages have passed me, and although they moved at great speed, I have noticed that the harnesses of the horses are usually adorned with little silver bells. Sometimes there are even bells in the hair of the riders. These bells jingle most melodiously and much slower than the speed of the travellers would suggest.

It could be that when it comes to bells, different types of fairie have different reactions.

Or it could be that church bells have a different power less noticeable to humans than the magic of fairie bells.

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  1. wonderful – i’m a huge fan of the fairies

    • Thank you 🙂 I too find them very fascinating creatures. I suppose that’s why they pop up everywhere in my writing 🙂


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