(Credit:, Royal Horticultural Society)

Erica is a genus of flowering plants. It contains such species as Erica Carnea Alba, a heather plant also called “Ice Princess”. It flowers in the winter and early spring, even when it still has a blanket of snow.

I thought you were thawing.

A true lover’s knot is a knot composed of two intertwined overhand knots. It is heavy with symbolism and has been an inspiration to sailors’ wedding rings.

I thought we would be inseparable.

However, a true lover’s knot is also a moth, which lives in heathland. A moth, which eats the plants. And then it all makes sense. You were not thawing; I was just eating away at you. Gorging myself on you, until you became afraid I might consume you completely. It makes sense that you would find someone else, who will let you flower in peace under your snowy blanket.



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  1. Dada

     /  September 7, 2016



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