Manuscripts Away!

I have now sent a sci-fi manuscript in Danish to one publisher and an urban fantasy manuscript in English to another. Also, just today I sent three poems to a webzine. If I just send enough out to different places, someone has to publish something, right?
I’ll post an update with much dancing and woohooing, if anything is accepted ­čśë

Do any of you know of publishers in USA or the UK who accept unsolicited manuscripts? If you do please let me know.

All the best!

Inspired by the Moody Comic (or Amaryllis)

Not long ago, I read this SMBC comic.  It made me write this sonnet.


Every day I look forward to seeing

Your shape beneath the yellow fever trees

For a short moment, I feel you freeing

This heart within me my chest seems to squeeze.

Sighing, I admire the dappled sunlight

Kissing your pink blushing tips and your leaves,

And though my clumsy descriptions will slight

I weave in my mind what my eye perceives.

And as I compose, I find new colours

In your trumpets facing every which way

Has every part been described by scholars?

Or have you kept some secrets to this day?

Oh belladonna, you enrapture me

Scentless, your curving petals capture me.

Amaryllis belladonna



Where did the Time Go?

My calendar says June, but that can’t be right. I submitted the last post in February and I said I would see you in March. So that means it must be March now, right?

Sooooo, what has happened since?

I sold my flat and moved into the ground-floor and basement of a house with my boyfriend and three other people. So now I only have to make dinner once or twice a week, and I can play Zelda on my roommate’s Nintendo Switch, when he’s not using it.

I still work at the same firm, but I was moved to another department, because a third department was not meeting their deadlines.

More recently, I have been writing a lot.

“But Beatrix,” you might say, “you haven’t posted anything since February!”

I know, I know. That is because I have written two short stories for a competition, then two poems which I submitted to two different magazines, then another short story, which I’m going to submit to a third magazine when I’m all done…

The problem is that if I want anything I write to be published by anyone other than me, then I can’t put it on Abolg. So after thinking about that for a bit, I’ve decided that this blog will have to change a bit. And when I say a bit, I mean a lot.



You may have noticed that I used my real name above and not my pseudonym. I’ll keep using my real name from now on, since it will make it easier for people to find me.

I won’t delete all my old posts, but I won’t post any new poems or stories unless I’m absolutely certain that I don’t want them to be published anywhere else.┬áInstead I’ll make more real-life-update-oriented posts about what I’m working on, where I’m going, maybe interesting things I’ve seen.┬áI’ll make sure to tell you if/when something is published and where you can find it. But if I don’t have anything interesting to say, I won’t post anything, which means updates will be “when something happens” instead of “twice a week”.

I want to thank you for reading and commenting my posts up until now. It was really nice to not just write for myself.

I hope you’ll find it interesting to follow me in this new way as well.

All the best,

Beatrix M. G. Nielsen



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