Armed with Patience


Icicle fingers

Spring just around the corner

They’ll melt soon enough


Updates Wednesday and Friday

I’m going back to updating only twice a week (Wednesday and Friday).

So the next haiku will be up on Wednesday.

I hope you will enjoy 🙂

Early One Cold Morning


(Credit: jurien huggins on Unsplash)


A toe poking out

From under the covers, but

It’s withdrawn at once.


Imperfect Flowers in Buckshot Magazine

I had a great surprise today 😀

My story, Imperfect Flowers, can now be read on here.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Now I’m off to do my happy dance 😀


Bitter Winds


(Credit: 1899441 on Pixabay)


On days like this one,

I wish I were as woolly

As those on pasture




(Credit: Kapa65 on Pixabay)


On either side of

The garden path, they parade

Snowdrop and crocus




(Credit: Wild0ne on Pixabay)


Meltwater dripping

Makes my skin tingle with cold

And expectations




(Credit: mike mcgrath on Unsplash)


The road signs have been

Adorned during the cold night

With sparkling powder


Close Call


(Credit: Pixabay)


Whirling up downy

Snow and feathers, the pigeon

Escapes the grey cat.


It Rained Last Night


(Credit: Greg Rakozy on Unsplash)


Waiting for their turn

To finally meet the ground.

Pearls in the branches.


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