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I’ve just seen that my book Colours and fragments have received two reviews on amazon 🙂

They can be read here, and the first six pages can be read too.

A great big thank you to all of you for your support!


Epic Awesomeness!


TheImaginator epically nominated me for the awesome award called “The Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness” which I think is a very epic award to receive and therefore thank theImaginator for awarding it to me in his awesomeness.

The rules are:

–          Write ten facts about yourself

–          Nominate ten other bloggers who write epically awesome content

–          Tell them that they’ve won

So here are the ten facts:

1. I love climbing (as in sports climbing)

2. I love sharing my texts/stories

3. And I love when the texts/stories provoke a visible reaction from the reader/listener.

4. I’ve just begun learning Japanese with a friend with the help of the book: Japanese for Busy People.

5. I suddenly feel much busier than I did before.

6. When I was about eight years old I began making a picture book about a priest who did not believe in God.

7. I spelt the title wrong.

8. The picture book was never finished. (Technically this is about the picture book, but I feel it is also about the problems I used to have in regard to finishing my stories.)

9. Actually, I still have that problem to some extent.

10. I’m not sure how to end this …


Now for ten nominees … or I think I’ll just go with five, ten seems like such a lot.

– (good thoughts)

– (hilarious drawings)

– (Better a redhead than a deadhead)

– (science is fun!)

– (funny postcards)

I hope you’ll enjoy them all or at least some of them as much as I have 🙂

Thank you for reading!

The Proof is here!

It’s here!

The proof for Colours and Fragments is finally here!

I was so happy when I received it that I gave the UPS-man a piece of chocolate cake.

I’ve looked it through a couple of times, maybe a hundred, and it seems fine. Of course, since it’s “my baby” I don’t just think that it’s fine, I think it’s wonderful! But you know what I mean 😉

A proof of Colours and Fragments hiding one of the worlds biggest smiles.

A proof of Colours and Fragments hiding one of the world’s biggest smiles.

Anyway, I’ve gone ahead and released Colours and Fragments, so now it’s available from createspace here: and it’ll become available on Amazon in 5-7 workdays.

So what is this ‘Colours and Fragments’-book that I’m so excited about, you might ask.

It’s a collection of 19 short stories. Some of them can be found on this blog like ‘Monsters’ or ‘Breathe Again’, others cannot like ‘Green’ and ‘A Father’s Troubles’. Some of them I’ve written during the last year like ‘Black Out’, but I wrote the first draft for ‘@part’ in 2005 if I remember correctly. It has evolved a great deal since, but it’s still basically the same story.

So what do these stories have in common?

Colours and fragments.

That is the cryptic answer.

The less cryptic answer is that the stories can roughly be divided into two parts:

The ‘Colours’ which mainly concern themselves with impressions of some sort of reality and attempt to pass these impressions on to the reader, hopefully, with some sort of emotions attached. A good example of this would be ‘Rainbow’. A less edited version of Rainbow can be read here:


The ‘Fragments’ which tell stories (or fragments of stories) of lives (or fragments of lives) and thoughts (or fragments of thoughts). ‘Misfortune’ is an example of a fragment. It can be read here:

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them 🙂


I’ll be off now to do my happy-my-collection-is-finished-dance, but please feel free to ask any questions you might have in the comments 🙂

“Untitled” no. 7 (or “The Novel Which had no Title”)

The novel I am writing has 15 chapters, 91 pages, 33,600 words and no title.

Of course I expect to write about 41,400 words more before it is finished, so there is no hurry, but still I wondered if the Great Internet, had something interesting to say about title creation.

I found several interesting sites:

Rachelle Gardner’s blog (a literary agent): and
both had some nice concrete suggestions, and not so much text that it swamped me.

Wiki how:
Had a few pointers though some were rather obvious and the suggestions were less concrete than the ones found at the two sites above.

Write and Publish Fiction:
Had a nice exercise, but with the title: “Follow This Simple Exercise to Create a Good Book Title That Sells!” I really felt like they were trying to sell me something.

All in all, many of the sites I found repeated the same things. I have gathered some of the ones I liked here:

  • Make really REALLY ReAlLy long lists with all the things your story/novel/poem is about. Concentrate on verbs and nouns in particular and try to match some of them up.

  • If somewhere in your story/novel/poem there is a really funny/smart/interesting phrase, use it in your title.
  • Make it short. (Unless you have a really great idea which takes up the whole cover.)
  • Use good quotes if you can find them. (try
  • Use alliteration or rhyme if possible. (Of course this might make it sound like something for children, but grown ups like rhymes too… I do anyway.)
  • Be careful with giving it a title which is already in use; it might cause a lot of confusion.
  • Make sure the title has something to do with the story/novel/poem. If the title is “Cake” everyone will be disappointed if there is no cake in the story in some way or another. Everyone feels cheated if the cake is a lie.
  • Find stories/novels/poems in the same genre as yours and check out their titles. Find out which kind of titles you like. Find out why you like those titles. Use that to make your own title. Without of course making it too generic.

That’s the list I came up with. I’ll probably take a look at it again when the novel is finished.

What do you do when you need a good title?


PS. I have an exam on Tuesday and another the week after, so there might not be any more updates before I am done. I should be reading right now, but I agree with thebyronicman that regret should be the 8th deadly sin, so I regret nothing!

Colours and Fragments on Smashwords

See the world through new eyes, witness the troubles of a father who wishes to be with his son, or a husband who had a black out because of his wife’s frying pan. Experience the happiness a sword can bring and follow a young girl seeking solace.

I have collected 19 of my short stories/flash fiction texts and published an e-book on with them. Many of them can also be read here on my blog, but some of them cannot.

It can be bought here:

I want to say thank you up front for every purchase/donation, and thank you to all of you wonderful people who have read my blog and/or commented and/or liked.

As an extra thank you, the first two people who comment on this post and write what their favourite text from my blog is, will receive  coupons for a free copy of Colours and Fragments 🙂

Thank you again all of you, I hope you will enjoy all my future posts!




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