Christmas Chocolate


(Credit: Jennifer Pallian on Unsplash)


It is December.

Fingers become sticky with

Chocolate every day.




Scalding hot chocolate

Thick blankets in the sofa

Ready for Netflix


Tasting Regret

Private charter plane in hanger

Private charter plane in hanger (Photo credit: Shine 2010 – 2010 World Cup good news)

Sweet, soft and melting on his tongue with just a hint of rum and raisins. He could already feel his stomach rebelling. Why he had eaten the chocolate when he knew how his body reacted, he could not say. The taste did not even please him.

However, the regret he felt from eating chocolate was mild compared to the regret he felt every time he looked at Abigail. Her taste did not please him either, not anymore, and a both sour and bitter taste rose into his mouth when he looked at the plane he had recently bought for her.

The only thing that could make his regret worse now would be if his wife ever found out.

Writer’s Block

Here I am again staring at the screen. Willing new and interesting words to appear, but where are they? They say the only way to leave writer’s block behind is to write oneself out of it. So here I am. Trying.

If I have a muse, she must have gone on vacation somewhere close to my first exam, and even though I am done, she has not returned. How does one entice a muse to come back to work? Flowers? Chocolate? I am sure some chocolate would help. I had better eat some (says the chocoholic).

mmmm… Lovely. Now where did that muse get to? Perhaps she got lost in the mess on my desk? I suppose I could tidy it up just a little bit…

Done, but there was no muse hiding in the debris. Or wait. What is this? An old scrap of paper with a few scribbled words. It sounds like something from a dream. Or something I wrote in the middle of the night which is basically the same. Hmm… If I have a muse, I think she just gave me a hint.

What do you do when your muse goes away on holiday?

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