Eyes in the Dark


In the dark I meet

Glowing eyes and glinting teeth

Whose bite will prevail?


In The Mind


(Credit: Bokor on DeviantArt)

Her mind grew dark

As the wind picked up.

The growing storm

Threatened to pull

Strands of consciousness

From her head.

She went down deep

To a cavern

Where the water was completely still

And clear

And bottomless.

On the shore,

With her candlelit thoughts,

She waited for dawn.

Getting Rid of Inner Demons

(Credit: CptnDerp on Deviantart)

(Credit: CptnDerp on Deviantart)

He pushes his hand against one eye, gradually increasing the pressure until the tissue gives way. Grabbing the first thing he finds, he pulls out a dark struggling creature stinking of vinegar. As it hisses at him, he throws it up towards the sun and it freezes. When it strikes the ground, it shatters. The fragments evaporate in seconds.

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