A Brainstorm (Almost) Unedited

brainstorm real

Quick! Abandon ship!

The rats always know when it’s time to leave.

Should I share my brainstorm with you?

Should I share my brain with you?

My unedited thoughts?

I’ve always been more comfortable with knowing that it was safely tucked away behind my eyes. Even though they say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, you cannot see my thoughts no matter how long you stare into these balls of goo. And maybe that’s for the best. Even if you saw a flicker, it depends on what it sounds like you saw, what I was thinking at the time and the direction of the wind whether I would admit to having a thought like that.

Would you profit from reading my brainstorm? The raw material, unpolished, unhewn even. It is of course not as raw as some things in my brain; it has been through my conscious mind and fingers first, still, would you enjoy wearing two pieces of cloth, kept together with pins?

The metaphor is not perfect, but this is what you get when you get the unedited text.

So after this small taste, are you hungry for more?

Would you like to see what happens before the finished text?

Throw me a comment with your answer.


Yay for writing! And courses! And writing courses!

I was at a great writing course this weekend.

We began Friday where we visited a publishing house, Saturday we had lessons with some theory and plenty of writing exercises thrown in, and Sunday we had even more writing exercises, paused by a couple of presentations by for example an author who had published about 50 books (some for children, some for adults, some for in between).

I came home inspired and exhausted.

But not empty handed. The next text update will be an edited version of one of the exercises I wrote. When I’ve edited them, I’ll probably put up some more.

I contemplated uploading a rough daft as well, but I’m not sure if that would be interesting for anyone other than me.


What do you think?

Would you like to read the immediate result of a five or ten minute exercise?

And have you been on any good writing courses?

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