(Credit: Maxime Desmettre, digital-art-gallery.com/artist/1438)

(Credit: Maxime Desmettre, digital-art-gallery.com/artist/1438)

The bursts of anger were powerful, but short. Most of the time she did not want to kill the little girl at all. Sometimes the girl was almost like the sister she never had; doing summersaults on the moss, falling into the stream with arms and legs flailing. In those moments she wanted Joanna to stay or at least to return regularly. Those were also the only times she felt truly lonely. She could lose herself in her craft for months on end, weaving and chanting, needing nothing but the completion of the next spell. But if after having made her smile, Joanna waved goodbye and the forest closed between them, something stirred in her heart which she had thought long dead and it was getting harder to strangle each time.

It was easier when the anger came. When Joanna chased one of her cats or wanted her to follow her to the village, the rage rose up through the mud of her soul and chased Joanna away. Which was nice; there was some satisfaction to be found in tears, and in the time following she could almost forget the little girl and her smiles.

Until the next time Joanna came knocking at her door.


(The Fengyu Bridge)

(The Fengyu Bridge)

I know I’m not going back;

I chose this path

Into a world where things don’t have to make sense,

A world of dreams.

However, watching my pain burning bridges still makes me ill at ease.

I might be able to swim across.

In that case, I’ll have to get rid of some luggage,

Or it will surely drag me to the bottom.

But that train of thought is pointless;

I came in here for a reason

I don’t want to go back.

But if you held my hand,

Maybe I could learn to walk on water.

All You Need Is Love

(Credit: jeff-joye on Deviantart)

(Credit: jeff-joye on Deviantart)

‘All you need is love,’ they told me and gave me a pillow with that same message.

I hug the pillow every night; it’s soft and comfortable and becomes warm after a while, and I really don’t want to seem ungrateful, but when I look at the padded walls and the tiny window in the door, I feel like one of the monkeys from the experiment with fake mothers; loving the soft, furry mother even though she never has any nourishment for me.

59 No Way Out

(Credit: trojanhorsecollective.com/conversations-with-my-storm)

(Credit: trojanhorsecollective.com/conversations-with-my-storm)

There’s no way out of these storms,

These whirlwinds and icy pellets,

This breath bereavement and lack of location control.


There’s no way out of this desert,

This sun powered oven filled with numbing nothingness

The sand eating my feet.


There’s no way out of this ocean

This crushing weightlessness,

These freezing depths.


I will be blown away

To burn

To drown


Because there’s no way out of this head of mine.



The streamers are like sea weed washed up on the stairs, gathered in heaps. Small sticky sounds follow him, as he steps between the champagne bottles and sleeping bodies, making his way to the terrace. He has not vomited at this party, but the taste is there in his mouth along with the tart white wine which he drank, as he listened to the birds outside.

As he steps out into a light breeze however, the tart seems fresh and the vomit evaporates in the sun, and he thinks that having a half-way-to-New-Years-party was a great idea after all. Standing on the quiet terrace, he thinks that such an excellently held party should be celebrated. Preferably with champagne.


Looney Tunes

Looney Tunes

Looney Tunes always made him cry, and it was not happy tears. The shenanigans and comic sound effects provoked powerful hollow sobs and wrung streams of snot from him. It was worst when the roadrunner sped across the screen.

‘That poor thing will be running for the rest of its life,’ he said blowing his nose, ‘and the coyote must be starving. It would be better for both of them if one of them just gave up and died, but they’re both blind.’

At work he was known as the Stand-up, and he never went home without having made someone laugh.

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