What Time Is It?




For the text ‘Hunger’ I used a gif from Adventure Time as illustration. I might have been able to find an illustration which would fit the text better, but I felt drawn to finally use something from Adventure Time on my blog.

What is Adventure Time, you ask?

It’s a kid’s show.

A kid’s show where people actually die, go mad (not only in a funny way) and where the protagonist experiences a very serious kind of loss several times. Of course it is funny and rather simply delivered, but the way it handles universal themes that are usually only treated in depth by adult fiction makes it a very interesting kind of entertainment for me. Also, I feel I could learn something from their way of telling stories, simple and deep at the same time.

High five!

High five!

With all that said, I must admit that the first time I saw an episode, the randomness of it made me a bit dizzy and I did not feel like seeing another episode for some time. Now I have gotten used to it. I am not sure if it is healthy getting used to it, but I enjoy the show immensely now, and I would like to recommend it to anyone who enjoys their entertainment more when it is not only slapstick humour.

If you are interested, I think “What Was Missing” (the tenth episode of the third season) would be a good introduction to the series. The episodes can technically be viewed in any sequence, but there are some episodes which make more sense if one has seen the previous ones.


Namé Hara and her Brother (Marcus)

’Do you want me to beat him up for you?’ Marcus leant back in the sofa.

‘What?’ said Namé Hara.

‘These babies haven’t disappointed me yet,’ he flexed his very-average-for-a-twenty-one-year-old-man biceps and gave it a kiss.

‘I don’t even know what you are talking about,’ she said.

‘You look like someone let you down,’ said Marcus, ‘who is it? I’ll beat him into next week.’

‘What if it’s a girl?’

Marcus opened his mouth, closed it, leant towards her with one eyebrow raised.

‘Then I’ll seduce her with my manliness.’

‘That I’d like to see,’ Namé Hara laughed.

‘What?’ a look of feigned disbelief on his face, ‘it’s my freckles, isn’t it? I’m telling you they’re all the rage with the ladies.’

‘Like that “girlfriend” you had?’

‘She’s still my girlfriend.’

‘Does she know it yet?’

‘Nah, I’ll tell her when the time is right,’ he winked.


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