Epic Awesomeness!


TheImaginator epically nominated me for the awesome award called “The Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness” which I think is a very epic award to receive and therefore thank theImaginator for awarding it to me in his awesomeness.

The rules are:

–          Write ten facts about yourself

–          Nominate ten other bloggers who write epically awesome content

–          Tell them that they’ve won

So here are the ten facts:

1. I love climbing (as in sports climbing)

2. I love sharing my texts/stories

3. And I love when the texts/stories provoke a visible reaction from the reader/listener.

4. I’ve just begun learning Japanese with a friend with the help of the book: Japanese for Busy People.

5. I suddenly feel much busier than I did before.

6. When I was about eight years old I began making a picture book about a priest who did not believe in God.

7. I spelt the title wrong.

8. The picture book was never finished. (Technically this is about the picture book, but I feel it is also about the problems I used to have in regard to finishing my stories.)

9. Actually, I still have that problem to some extent.

10. I’m not sure how to end this …


Now for ten nominees … or I think I’ll just go with five, ten seems like such a lot.

–          widdershinsfirst.com (good thoughts)

–          peasandcougars.com (hilarious drawings)

–          gingerfightback.com (Better a redhead than a deadhead)

–          yourmomislike.wordpress.com (science is fun!)

–          dumbfunnery.com (funny postcards)

I hope you’ll enjoy them all or at least some of them as much as I have 🙂

Thank you for reading!

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