To the Faerest Lady in Illumen

My poem To the Faerest Lady can now be found in Illumen magazine! 😀 I received my own copy just the other day.

To the Faerest Lady is a love poem about a fae woman in the form of five sonnets.

If you want to read it, Illumen can be bought as either print or e-book at Alban Lake Store.




(Credit: Mira Kemppainen on Unsplash)


Snow fairies have left

Their eiderdown on my lawn.

Sleep well until spring.


Elements Performance

I performed my poem Elements at a place called Karens Minde Kulturhus 🙂


I already put this poem on this blog some time ago. You can read it here: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4


Otherworld Haiku (5 of 5)


(Credit: Ian Espinosa on Unsplash)

With webbed feet and hands

Waiting in the river for

Unwary travellers

Otherworld Haiku (3 of 5)


(Credit: Allan Lee)

Arthur and his knights

Rescuing dames from ogres

Commonplace magic

Otherworld Haiku (2 of 5)


(Credit: fladdermuuus on deviantart)

Walking in the fens

Fog lighted by will-o-wisps

I see no boundaries

Notes from the Realm of Fairie (3 and 4 of 4)

3 Concerning a Meeting with a Lady


(Credit: Biostm on Deviantart)

After a struggle through bushes, which had suddenly surrounded me and reached for me with their thorns, I found myself in a large garden. There were numerous fruit trees (I did not recognize the fruit), and around them floated bluish, slightly glowing creatures. The creatures were about a yard long and looked like snakes with the heads of dragons. They seemed to swim through the air.  I saw no wings on them.

At the far end of the garden, I could see a palace and in the middle was a fountain consisting of three fauns on a pedestal pouring water. When I came closer, I noticed the water was flowing up from the basin into their pitchers.

I sat down on the edge of the fountain to record my observations. I had not been there long when a voice spoke to me.

‘What are you doing?’

I looked up and saw a dark haired lady in a flowing dress made of a piece of night sky. I know she was probably a fairie, but her whole manner told me she was a lady, so I shall record her as such. I stood up and bowed.

‘I am writing down my observations,’ I said, ‘I am describing this realm to the best of my ability, my lady.’

‘So you are a writer?’ she inclined her head.

‘I suppose I am, my lady.’

‘I see,’ she said with a smile, which made my heart beat faster, ‘you want to pour your soul into these pages.’

This conclusion took me aback and I did not manage to formulate a response even in my mind before she continued.

‘Here, I’ll help you,’ she seemed to reach into me and closed her hand on something that made my entire being tingle. I heard the jingling of silver bells as she pulled me into the pages.

Titania by Madly Mel on Tumblr

(Credit: Madly Mel on Tumblr)

4 A Request

If a human being should ever read this, please, if you cannot change me back, I implore you; do your best to let me become a part of the library at Hurtfew Abbey. It is about fourteen miles north-west of York. There might be someone there able to help me. And if the change is permanent, then at least in that library I know I will be in good company.

Notes from the Realm of Fairie (2 of 4)

2 Concerning Bells


(Credit: ShipwreckedBarnacles on Deviantart)

Some time ago (I think it was yesterday, but I cannot seem to keep track of the time here), I heard church bells in the distance. I hurried to follow the sound, hoping to find a way out at last, but the sound stopped before I could reach it. After straining my ears for several minutes, I gave up with a sigh and noticed a few yards to my right two child-sized goblin like fairies discussing something under a tree. When I asked them about the church bells, they hissed and covered their ears. When I tried to question them further, they spat at me between their pointed teeth, climbed the tree and disappeared among the dark branches.

This aversion seems at odds with what I have otherwise observed. During my time here, many hunting parties on horseback and carriages have passed me, and although they moved at great speed, I have noticed that the harnesses of the horses are usually adorned with little silver bells. Sometimes there are even bells in the hair of the riders. These bells jingle most melodiously and much slower than the speed of the travellers would suggest.

It could be that when it comes to bells, different types of fairie have different reactions.

Or it could be that church bells have a different power less noticeable to humans than the magic of fairie bells.

Notes from the Realm of Fairie (1 of 4)

1 Concerning the Appearance of Fairies


(Credit: jubjubjedi on Deviantart)

Fairies, and by this term I mean inhabitants of the realm of Fairie, vary so vastly in size and countenance that it is near impossible to describe them all. While one might resemble a lady or gentleman another might more closely resemble a wild boar, a rhododendron bush or even a small screw. However, when they are objects, I have discovered one rule; although they might be copper, gold or wood, they are never pure iron.

In addition to this variety, a great number of fairies can change their shape or even more often use illusions, called glamours, to make themselves appear different from what they are.

I have even experienced some fairies expressing doubt as to their own true shape, but this might simply have been to increase my confusion. Not that I would think it necessary to confuse me further (the lasting twilight, the strange stars and doorways leading elsewhere than simply to the other side already has me thoroughly perplexed), but it seems that every time I communicate with one of these beings, they are determined to lead me astray.

If I ever make it out of this realm, I shall do my best never to return. Hopefully, my collected knowledge will aid me to that effect.

Three Little Texts – Clovertoes (2 of 3)

Rabbit eating clover

(Credit: Hubert J. Steed)

Clovertoes hops out from the bushes and nibbles a mouthful of clover.

‘Look!’ A voice cries. She looks up and sees a young boy trying to point without letting go of a pile of three cardboard boxes in his arms. In front of him walks a young girl carrying two similar boxes and behind them is a woman dragging a huge blue suitcase and a man with a huge black suitcase.

‘Look,’ the boy says again, ‘a bunny!’

‘Maybe it lives under the house,’ says the woman.

‘Do you think it’s tame?’ asks the man, ‘it doesn’t seem at all afraid.’

‘No one has lived here in years,’ says the woman.

Clovertoes keeps her eyes on them as they walk up to the front door, but continues her meal. They are the ones who should be afraid, she thinks. Clearly they don’t know why the house has been empty for so long.

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