(Credit: Joshua Newton on Unsplash)


There’s fire on the air

A strange season for bonfires

I taste the ashes




(Credit: American Mcgee and Electronic Arts)


I remember through the smoke,

Flames licking up the walls.

The rabbit showed me the way out,

And as I stood there watching the fire

With a group of strangers

More screams

And I recognised their voices.

And it was not over when my childhood home was a black ruin.

It was not over when the orphanage swallowed me up.

It was not over when Dr. Deadeyes told me that some memories are not constructive,

And I dissolved into a swarm of blue butterflies.


The screaming will never be done.

Playing With Fire

Be nice when you meet him, ok?

No it’s not for his sake; you’d never be able to put him out. I’m just saying that if you try teasing him, his scorching riposte with leave you tender for weeks.

Oh he is, very handsome, with his smooth charcoal skin and burning eyes, and yes if you ignite his passion he’ll keep you warm as long as you want him to, but I’d bet a thousand to one that you will burn out long before he does.

Fire (Elements 4 of 4)

(Credit: NocturnalGuy at Mecha Pixel,  mechapixel.com/ent.php?eid=1047)

(Credit: NocturnalGuy at Mecha Pixel, mechapixel.com/ent.php?eid=1047)

Bubbles are bursting in the lava, and we are bursting with laughter at the thought of them trying to pierce our nonexistent hearts.

More heat!

We sing to the sun and laugh even louder when we catch a glimpse of a fleeing wind walker. There is no point in running, and why would one even try? When they come, we will welcome them. We might even surge out to meet them. They might not like our scorching embrace, but they should have thought of that before they promised to play.

They think to quench us, but they will only fan the dancing flames with their war.

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