Zen garden

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Concentric circles

In a zen garden. I think

I’m falling asleep…


I Never Saw One While I Lived in the City


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With heart standing still

Eurasian jay on the grass

A suburban joy


What does it take?


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And yet it lives the disgusting creature.

I’ve tried sprinkling it with salt. I’ve tried drowning it, drenching it with the garden hose. I’ve even tried beating it with my shoe.

One should think it would at least be scared off at some point, but no. It seems determined to mar my beautiful garden.

Until I find out what it takes to get rid of a man.


(Credit: funmozar.com/black-rose)

(Credit: funmozar.com/black-rose)

‘I do love roses,’ she said, caressing the red petals with a finger. ‘Do you love roses too?’

‘Uh, s-sure,’ he said. The fragrance in the garden made him feel slightly light headed.

‘Did you come here to see my roses?’ she asked.

‘Actually,’ he began, but then she threw a black lock over her shoulder and smiled at him and instead of continuing: ‘I was just lost’, he said: ‘I came to see you.’

She chuckled and he was reminded of silver bells.

‘I have white roses too,’ she said, ‘and pink, and yellow and even some that are black. Have you seen that before? Black roses?’

He shook his head, mouth slightly open.

‘Let me show you then,’ she took his hand and he felt a stab in his heart and a numbing thrill spread through his body as she lead him along the garden path.

‘Here,’ she stopped and gestured, but everything other than her had become a blur.

‘Beautiful,’ he said, looking into her dark eyes.

‘Would you like to stay with me?’ she asked.

‘Of course,’ he said, ‘I could stay here forever.’

‘Forever?’ she placed a hand on his chest, ‘are you sure?’

‘Yes,’ he said, ‘if it’s with you.’

‘You probably won’t last forever,’ gently she pushed him into the rosebushes which at once wrapped themselves around him. ‘But then you can be part of the roses. And as long as I’m here there will be roses.’

He hardly felt the thorns.

The Angel

Angel 013

Angel 013 (Photo credit: Juliett-Foxtrott)

There is an angel at the back of the garden between the shrubs and the hedge. She has been there for a long time. Her dress is tangled in bindweed and moss is creeping up her neck. One of her wings has crumbled slightly. In the right light the white flowers at her feet look like stars.

I visit her irregularly. Some months it is almost every day, other months I do not visit her at all. I have often contemplated removing some of the weeds, but I am always too far from her to do it.

When I visit her in the rain, she weeps. But even when it is dry everywhere else that place smells of damp earth.

I do not know who put her there or why. It seems like a lonely place to leave her.

But what I really wonder is,
does anyone other than I see her beauty?

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