The Juggernaut

Juggernaut (comics)

Juggernaut (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Juggernaut’s jouncing jugular speaks its jargon clearly; this is no joke.

Juxtaposed with Jude like Jekyll and Hyde at the job interview, he was judged wanting, or rather he was just too much and all that jazz. His jealousy jolts his head towards Jude who is already at the junction, and jumps around the corner as he watches. In a jiffy he is after her, no time for jiggery-pokery.

Just as he reaches her and jerks her around, her legs seem to turn to jelly and she sits on the pavement jabbering gibberish at him. Then he realizes his juvenile behaviour and pretends it was all in jest.

‘Congratulations with the janitor job,’ he says before he leaves.

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