59 No Way Out

(Credit: trojanhorsecollective.com/conversations-with-my-storm)

(Credit: trojanhorsecollective.com/conversations-with-my-storm)

There’s no way out of these storms,

These whirlwinds and icy pellets,

This breath bereavement and lack of location control.


There’s no way out of this desert,

This sun powered oven filled with numbing nothingness

The sand eating my feet.


There’s no way out of this ocean

This crushing weightlessness,

These freezing depths.


I will be blown away

To burn

To drown


Because there’s no way out of this head of mine.






The impact begins an earthquake in his body. It creates a fissure in his thigh and releases a river which runs down over his knee and darkens the asphalt. While his brain tries to make sense of the violent tremors, his arms rise in front of his face, fending off a sight that his eyelids have already taken care of. His brain shuts down and his arms collapse to his sides before his body crumbles, his fingers twitching with the aftershock.


“My doctrine shall drop as the rain, my speech...

Rain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A thick eiderdown of warm air smothers the forest. She can hear the rain on the leaves, but even though she is standing with her arms outstretched her face turned towards the heavens, not a single drop has touched her yet.

A few more heavy patters then a fat drop splashes over half of her cheek. She blinks as the cool fragments of the watery boulder spread down over her jaw.

No weight shifts from her chest and the eiderdown labours her breathing.

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