I’m moving out and selling my flat after having lived here for almost seven years.

It’s going to be new and exciting!

But between packing all my books into boxes and showing potential buyers my flat, I haven’t had much time to write.

Next week I’m going skiing and might write in the evenings, but regular updates will have to wait until I’ve settled in.

So if not before, I’ll see you in March! 🙂

Three Little Texts – Quicktoes (1 of 3)

The large ones blunder blindly up to the house carrying piled cardboard boxes and hauling suitcases. Why have they come, Quicktoes wonders, don’t they know that their kind is not welcome here?

Step, step, sneak. Quick little toes across the garden path behind them. They haven’t seen her yet and they never will, although she will knock over their vases and pull their hair in the dark until they are chased away for good. And hopefully they will leave quickly, she thinks, otherwise Clearcloud will take action, and nobody wants that. Not even Clearcloud.

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