Mutated Mice

Laboratory mice Location: Children's Hospital ...

Laboratory mice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As much a megalomaniac as any master magician, the man mused that the meretricious musicians might be made to mute their monotonous music and assist him with his mutated mice.

Many of the mice had become mildewed and most were meandering beyond the moat.

The mildew could simply be merged with the mice; the meandering was more of a predicament.

Maybe a mesh of metal wires would be the best method of catching them. There might, however, still be mermaids left in the moat from the last time he meddled with the mythos tome, and mermaids might make matters more complicated.

Maybe they could be made more merciful if he presented them with merchandise?

A “Merry Mutated Mouse Mug” maybe?

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