The Mystery of the Missing Post

Me: Where did my post go?

Bacon (in his own dog-language): I’m sorry, I ea…

Me: What?

Bacon(might be called dog-latin): I eatedted it…

Me: How many times must I tell you? My posts are not for eat!

Bacon(wimpering): But nom?

Me: No nom! No eat! No!


As you can read above, Bacon ate my post, so that’s why there was no update yesterday. Also, I have suddenly fallen victim to amnesia, so I cannot just write it anew.

But on the bright side I can say that I have been very productive with respect to my new project. Yes, I have begun a new novel and have come quite a way already (look at the fancy progress bar 🙂 (it’s a working title)).

I hope to be ready with a proper story update tomorrow 🙂

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