It Rained Last Night


(Credit: Greg Rakozy on Unsplash)


Waiting for their turn

To finally meet the ground.

Pearls in the branches.


Angry Wind


(Credit: Joshua Reddekopp on Unsplash)


The wind shakes the trees

And pelts the windows with rain

What made it angry?




(Credit: Noah Silliman on Unsplash)


Such varied weather

Yesterday the rain fell straight

Today it’s sideways


Tap Tappa Tap

Rummaging through some old poems again, I found this one, which I found rather sweet.

Tap tappa tap

Music plays

A breeze blows

And he taps his feet


Chirpy chirp chirp

She whistles

Dark clouds gather

And birds sing in the bushes


Drip, drip, patta patta pat

They laugh and seek refuge

Hair clings

And the rain comes plunging down.


“My doctrine shall drop as the rain, my speech...

Rain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A thick eiderdown of warm air smothers the forest. She can hear the rain on the leaves, but even though she is standing with her arms outstretched her face turned towards the heavens, not a single drop has touched her yet.

A few more heavy patters then a fat drop splashes over half of her cheek. She blinks as the cool fragments of the watery boulder spread down over her jaw.

No weight shifts from her chest and the eiderdown labours her breathing.

42 Standing still

The world is moving through time and space. The raindrops are falling through the air. They shatter into numerous little pearls when they hit the smooth curving surface of the roof, some roll down the roof, others begin the fall anew and shatter when they reach the roof, and then the new smaller pearls fall.

I stand underneath the glass dome and watch as the raindrops fall and shatter, fall and shatter, fall and shatter.

I experience time or I would not be able to see them fall, but inside my dome time has stopped. Just to make sure, I dropped my watch over the side of the platform. It slowed and stopped halfway down. It has been hanging in midair for two days now.

However, since my perception of time has not left me, I suspect that time still passes for my body. Then again, I have not eaten since the morning before I threw down my watch, and I have not moved since I looked up at the sky right after throwing my watch, and then the rain began falling and shattering against the dome and the rain is still falling and shattering, falling and shattering, falling and shattering, falling…

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