Otherworld Haiku (4 of 5)

Images creeping

Into corners of the mind

Floating to dreamland




(Credit: Tim Etchells at timetchells.com)

A veil of mist has been drawn over the city tonight.

Cold droplets settle on my face.

I should go home and sleep.

Neon signs scatter emeralds and rubies on the water.

I wish I could take the gems with me as restless legs carry me over the bridge.

I need sleep.

A murder of crows are emptying trashcans and fighting over the spoils.

They whisper their advice, but I know they don’t mean well.

I should sleep,

But my legs are still restless

And my thoughts won’t leave me alone.

Sloth (2 of 6)

Just five more minutes.

Clara saw images move behind her eyelids. They turned red, when she turned her head towards the window. So she turned her head into her pillow and sighed.

She imagined lying on a beach, the sun baking her back. But outside the rays of the sun were at their most dangerous, while her personal rays were only pleasant.

She took another deep breath with a smile.

Her stomach growled.

Breakfast time was long gone, but maybe lunch could still be had?

She could ask Henry to make her eggs if Laura was done with him.

She scratched a rib, stretched, yawned and rolled into her eiderdown.

Just five more minutes.


(credit: wall.alphacoders.com)

(credit: wall.alphacoders.com)

The world is spinning in my head, making me dizzy. Memories of sour sweat and running on bare feet through a graveyard refuse to be stored away. They swirl in and out of my present. Sometimes it feels like I’m dreaming when I walk down the street, but in my dreams the dead faces are always turned towards me.

I should sleep.

Tomorrow will be different, as tomorrows are always different. The sun will be older tomorrow. The world will probably still be spinning though, no matter how much coffee I drink. And the gunfire will still be too loud.

I want to sleep.

Some day, I don’t remember which, a hippie on the train told me that I should find my inner sunshine. He told me inner sunshine will let me see rainbows when the sky is grey. But I am full inner sunshine. And explosions. And rainbows. I might just puke one up if the world does not stop spinning.

So why can’t I sleep?

Somewhere far away…

Somewhere far away there is an annoying beeping sound, so I sit up in my bed punch at the alarm until it is silent and slump back down on my pillow, pictures already forming in my head, taking me with them away from the cold light outside the window, pictures which seem so much more important than clothes, breakfast and other such nonsense, and as the pictures strengthen, the ache in my limbs weaken to a distant nuisance which is soon swallowed entirely by the dreams.

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