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Snow fairies have left

Their eiderdown on my lawn.

Sleep well until spring.





I poke out my tongue

To catch the first whirling flakes

Of December snow


Autumn Haiku (4 of 4)

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(Screenshot from The Long Dark by Hinterland Studio Inc.)

Ahead bright windows

Lighting up patches of snow

Hoping for shelter

Between a Tower and a Storm



In my dream I am in front of a tower and it is snowing.

And there is a storm coming behind me. I can hear it ripping at the trees in the distance, and when I look over my shoulder I even see one fall, sending up a flurry of snow and dead leaves as it crashes to the ground. I need to find a place to sleep for the night out of the wind. The cold is secondary; I barely feel it at all.

In a sense I am lucky the tower is so close, but I don’t want to go inside.

It is not the crows that make the tower evil; the crows are just birds and noisy. There is something else. Perhaps it is something about the upper windows, red in the light from the setting sun, or maybe something behind them, watching me, waiting for me.

As sweat trickles from under my arms, I am torn between bolting from the tower and rushing inside and up the steps. I even wonder whether I should apologize to whatever is inside for making it wait.

So I shift my feet while the storm catches up. Then the first strong wind rips the breath from my lungs, and I wonder why I don’t wake up.


(Copyright: David Rootes / ArcticPhoto)

(Copyright: David Rootes / ArcticPhoto)

There are red blotches in the snow. Taking a deep breath I inhale the scent of my skin frizzling in the sun and remind myself that it is only algae; just a small organism surviving in spite of the coldness of the snow and I will survive too in spite of the sun roasting my face and the ice freezing my feet and the flies landing everywhere. I try not to worry whether they are going to eat me, gnawing off bit by tiny bit, flying away over the mountain with a fly-bite-size piece of my cheek or hand which I’ll never see again, not even if a bird ate the fly and I ate the bird, and eating birds sounds like a good idea, and I wonder whether it would be a good idea to eat snow with algae in it or if I should only eat white snow, maybe the algae has a bit of nutrition in it? In any case I will have to eat something soon and I have still seen no signs of human population.

The Hospitality of a Snow Queen

ice caves

Ice caves (Photo credit: sandwichgirl)

A ray of cold bluish light pins me to the ground and I feel like I have woken up in an ice cave, the walls glittering like thousands of diamonds twisted into fantastic shapes, and there is no way out. I raise my head and she is there; the snow queen with her guard holding the lamp behind her.

I used to call her mine, but it did not take long before I recognized my mistake regarding ownership.

With a sigh, I struggle to my feet. She holds out her delicate hand to me and I take it.

It is back to the mirror room for me.

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