Alone On A Beach

Sharp rocks Rykardo DeviantArt.png

(Credit: Rykardo on DeviantArt)

The wind brought in a fine spray from the sea, which settled on her bare arms and made them sticky and salty. After a long day of beachcombing, she withdrew to a small cave, where she roasted crabs and apples over a fire and licked the salt from her lips as seasoning.

She was cautious when she climbed further inland, and she never went into the water. The rocks were slippery with algae and most of them were sharp enough to cut flesh.

However, she did not resent the traitorous rocks.

They kept the people away.

Bubblegum Freezer


(Credit: quicksprout)

Frozen pink bubblegum is clamped unto the wall just inside the door. White crystals surround it. They look like sugar, but she knows better than to lick them; she remembers last winter and a lamppost and a very painful tongue.

There are hooks in the ceiling with some sort of slaughtered animals hanging from them. They do not look like animals anymore. They do not look like anything. Except perhaps the pink on the outside looks like gum and the inside looks like raspberry  flavour.

Shivering, she sits on the floor and imagines them to be silent guardians of this cold and silent place. This bubblegum realm coated in sugar. It seems like a nice place to stay for a while. A place where no one will find her.

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