Dancing hands

(Credit: voicedaily.blogspot.com)

Two baby steps up to the microphone and she glides into her bubble, pulling a hand through her hair, making half of her blond locks fall over her face. Shaking it from her eyes, she raises nervous hands and drags the first long note from her lips.

As the song continues, her hands move with it, chasing away immaterial butterflies, playing invisible harp strings.

The song reaches its last words and she lets then trail off as she backs away from the microphone. She steps out of her bubble briefly to say thank you, then leaves the stage in its safety.


Listening To A Mermaid

Green eyes,

Green lips,

Green hair,

And there is probably a green tail under the waves.

She sings,

And I know it is for me,

Only me.

I have been told not to listen to the songs of mermaids,

But they have not seen her pearly skin in the moonlight,

And she loves me,

I hear it in her voice.

I don’t feel the water when I hit it,

But I feel her embrace;


And cold.

Star Songs


From my roof I count the stars and they fill my head with sweet songs, but although the rhymes stick, the reason floats away when dawn washes over me.

So I return every night to admire the light and they tell me that humanity is so so so very close to touching them and I wonder whether that means that even I can touch the sky. They tell me that they are not really white, that the air is cleaner from a mountain top and that they seldom grant wishes, but they might consider granting mine and I wonder what wish they are talking about and I still believe in nothing.

A Song


English: Red Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris in Lat...

Red Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris in Latin) at Skansen in Stockholm.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The forest smelt fresh and damp after the light spring rain. Birds chirped overhead as a squirrel climbed up a twig covered in large green buds. She planted her feet in the moss and concentrated on the music in her head. A spring tune; lively and growing.

She took a deep breath and began.

As the ear-rending screech left her lips two blue tits, a blackbird and a squirrel fell to the ground. She stopped and looked at the critters. Then she nudged one of the small stiff bodies with her foot.

A thought fluttered around her head that maybe banshees were just not meant to be opera singers.

Seeing and Knowing

Hawk eyes

I didn’t want to know,

But your hawk eyes could not help seeing,

And now I’m lost at sea

And I don’t have your wings.

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