A dwarf planet now.

How did it feel, I wonder,

To be demoted?




Such a lovely blue,

But icy cold and hostile

With the fiercest storms




Uranus. The butt of many jokes. Credit: NASA


Father of titans

What would you say if you knew

Of all the butt-jokes?




(Saturn. It is being discussed whether there might be life on its moon, Titan. Credit: NASA)


More than a hundred

Moons by your side. And one might

Even be alive.




(Jupiter with its Great Red Spot; a storm which has been continually observed since 1830. Credit: NASA)


Some storm we’re having.

Maybe it’ll improve during

The next century




(Mars Credit: ESA – European Space Agency)


As the god of war

Are you red so enemies

Won’t see when you bleed?




(Earth seen from Apollo 17. Credit: NASA)


Blue and green it is.

Large and yet so small it is.

Take good care of it.


Hot Venus


(Cloud structure in the Venusian atmosphere. Credit: NASA)


Wrapped in sulphur clouds

You are the hottest planet.

May we visit you?



“Plans have been proposed for rovers or more complex missions, but they are hindered by Venus’s hostile surface conditions.” Wikipedia.



(Picture taken by the robotic spacecraft MESSENGER. Credit: NASA)


The Sun’s little pet.

But when he’s not looking, your

Temperature plummets.


The planet closest to the sun. It has temperatures “ranging from 100 K (−173 °C; −280 °F) at night to 700 K (427 °C; 800 °F) during the day across the equatorial regions.” Wikipedia.


I am alone among the stars. I am a nomad. I am Nemo.

It is lovely and lonely out here. Each new wonder bites me with longing for a more recognisable beauty, for a time long past.

In my dreams, sometimes I stand under green birches again, my parents and sister chatter as they walk down the hill. In my dreams, sometimes I am still on earth when it arrives and I witness the destruction from the surface instead of from the ship. After those dreams I always wake with a start, but the tears only come when I remember where I am.

Earth is gone.

And I will be Nemo forevermore.



Inspired by a Nightwish concert.

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