I Know It’s There


(Credit: Tom Barrett on Unsplash)


The sun is up there,

But the thick cloud cover makes

It seem like twilight


A Stolen Day


(Credit: Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash)


Warm sun and birdsong.

January has stolen

A mild day from spring.


A Ray of Sun


(Credit: Tim Easley on Unsplash)


A ray of sunshine

Breaks through the mass of grey clouds

It paints a new world


Winter Warmth


(Credit: Wil Stewart on Unsplash)


My breath becomes clouds

But the winter sun is warm

On my glowing cheeks.




(Credit: Elijah Hail on Unsplash)


Seeds grow in spirals

Mathematically perfect

Shine your light on me


An End

Credit: 1ms.net/end-of-winter-97714.html

Credit: 1ms.net/end-of-winter-97714.html

I kept Orion company and breathed the cool fragrances of the night. I watched the owl bring a mouse to her fluffy muppets. Distracted by their bobbing heads when their mother left, I did not notice the rose tinge on the horizon and the light blue seeping into the sky. Only when the first searing ray struck the top of the tree in front of me, was I reminded of how much earlier the sun rose each day.

I ran from his terrible face, crushing anemones, torn by brambles, my lungs burning in my chest reminding me what the sun could do to my flesh. Even though I strained my legs, the light strolled closer and my cave was still too far away. Sobbing, I raked my cheeks, why could the sun not sleep all year long?

Then I remembered an old badger’s den nearby. I turned and dashed towards it while the light crept towards the top of my head. I dived into the den, as the sun peeked over the hill and saw my left foot still outside. My foot burned and withered and I screamed and scrambled into the den as far as I could go. Whimpering, I pushed more dirt into the opening. Having blocked out the beautiful glare of the sun, I curled into a ball, trembling, and mourned the end of winter.

A Long Distance Relationship


One day she looked up and there he was.

His brilliance dazzled her.

She took the first step and almost immediately after they were a couple. Or at least she meant that they were; he never answered her directly. His warmth which had made her fall in love stayed, but a month into their relationship he continued to be distant. No matter how many new dresses she bought and times she got her hair done, he did not come any closer.

She was all for not smothering each other of course, but was 8 light minutes not too far? And with all these clouds coming between them, she was beginning to doubt his commitment.

When for three rainy days she barely saw him, she put her foot down and craved a straight answer from him. He just let his light fall on her and warmed her as always, but then she noticed that he did the same for a woman on the other side of the street.

She spent a week eating ice cream with blackout drapes keeping out his brilliance.

Moving Forwards part 16

Rodger stared at the water. Come on. Come on. Come back. He checked his watch ten times a minute. When something finally broke the surface of the water, he sprang to his feet. The mermaids had returned and their arms were full of… Seaweed? He hoped they did not think he ate the stuff.

When they came close, the Spiral dropped its load beside him and gestured for him to sit. Rodger sat down. The Spiral gurgled while pointing into the sky. Rodger shook his head.

‘What?’ he said.

The flute bearer dumped all the seaweed it was carrying in his lap. The Ice cold seawater made Rodger cry out.

‘Argh, what was that for?’

The Spiral pushed him back against the tree and began covering him with the seaweed.

‘I hope this is for keeping the praying mantis away and not just some weird ritual,’ said Rodger, but he sat still and let the Spiral cover him. When the Spiral was done, it gurgled some more and drew its finger across the sky then pushed him lightly on the shoulders as if to tell him to stay put. Rodger nodded.

‘You’ll come back tomorrow?’ he said. He hoped that whatever the Spiral was telling him meant ‘yes’.

Rodger must have fallen asleep in spite of his shivers because he opened his eyes to brilliant sunshine. The wind had practically disappeared and the sun was so strong that the seaweed covering him had grown lukewarm and begun to dry. His thigh complained when he rose to his feet. He studied the cut. It looked a little red around the edges, but it could not have been very deep; a scab was already forming.

He stretched, enjoying the warmth seeping into his clothes and skin. Then he noticed his watch. He checked it. The days here seemed to be very close to the length of earth days, only a little bit longer. There was still time, but the clock was ticking.

‘Shit,’ he put on his rucksack, ‘where did those mermaids get to?’

He looked to the water. Nothing there. Glanced around the island. Nothing. Had the flute bearer finally convinced the Spiral to stay away? He strode to the beginning of the path and there he found them. They were lying spread out on the stones, face down. Completely still. He went closer. Cleared his throat. They did not stir.

‘Hey,’ he said, ‘you alright?’

There was no reaction.

‘Hey,’ he poked the Spiral carefully and its tail moved slightly. ‘Are you ill?’ he checked his watch, ‘oh, please don’t be ill.’

The Spiral gave a faint gurgle and moved its tail again.

‘Can’t you get up?’ Rodger took hold of its hand, but the Spiral resisted. It turned on its side, gurgled gestured weakly to the sky and lay down again.

‘Is the sun bothering you?’ Rodger stepped to one side so his shadow fell on the Spiral. The Spiral looked up and gurgled while gesturing as if to make him sit down. Rodger sat down and the Spiral collapsed back onto the stones.

Rodger stood up and moved away from them. He paced up and down the stones. He had to get them up.



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