The Toilet Paper Obsession

She had an obsession with toilet paper. All kinds of toilet paper. She spent every penny she could afford on it, but still hid it all if she had guests over for dinner. His became increasingly difficult, as the rolls filled up first her cupboards then her wardrobes and all the nooks and crannies she could find.

In the end she decided it would be easier without the guests and she stopped inviting people, and since the people she knew seldom invited themselves, this practically solved her problem.

She had had the obsession since the day when the leaves fell up from the trees. Nothing seemed to be in the right place after that, but at least her toilet paper was always where she left it.




Recently, I followed a link posted by alexp01 and found the “adopt a weird obsession” subject. Then I talked with a friend about weird obsessions and somehow we ended up talking about toilet paper. This is the result.

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