Moving Forwards part 5

Rodger is pacing back and forth in his flat. He goes to the bedroom. The living room. Into the kitchen. Opens the fridge. The smell is stale. Something green is growing on the cheese. The lunchmeats still look edible, but his throat ties itself in a knot at the thought of dry bread.

He closes the fridge. Goes to the living room. Back to the kitchen. He opens the fridge. Nothing has changed. He contemplates a lonely carrot in the vegetable drawer, wrinkled and dark. The project leader told him to eat a healthy diet. The carrot does not look healthy anymore.

He closes the fridge. Pulls his fingers through his hair. He really should take a shower. Goes back to the living room. Sits down in front of his computer. Stretches his legs under his desk and rests them on a very strategically placed box.

There is no new mail. Nothing happens on facebook. The posts on reddit are all boring. He votes them all down. His pocket buzzes. He takes up his phone. There is one new message from Frederick.

‘Want to go down to the gym one last time?’

Rodger smiles.

Then there is something dark under his desk. Something slimy. Something cold. It grabs his feet.

Rodger sat up with a yell. Everything was dark. Something was over his head. And something else was out there. He struggled to free himself from his jacket. There was a faint splash just as he stood up. His eyes finally rid of their cover stared at the water.

The moon was strong and almost full. It made the shadows of the trees sharp. And black. As if their spirals had been drawn in coal on blue-green paper. The only sound was the lapping of the waves.

Rodger swallowed. Took one step closer to the water. The thing must have dived. He went a bit closer. There was no sign of anything. Perhaps he had just imagined it? Was the loneliness really getting to him already?

No, it could not be. He had felt those cold slimy hands on his ankle. Or whatever they were. And something had jumped into the water. But what was it?

Was it something intelligent? Why had it fled from him? Of course he had yelled, he might have startled it. But why did it approach him while he slept? Was it looking for easy prey? Rodger shivered. He told himself it was the cold.

He went back to his rucksack and jacket. Studied the ground around where he had been sleeping. There were no signs of any footprints. But the earth was so hard packed that he did not leave any footprints himself either.

Nothing seemed to have been touched. His jacket looked just as it were, his rucksack had a hollow where his head had been. He checked his trouser leg. The end was a bit damp. Or maybe it was just cold. It was hard to tell. He shrugged on his jacket and sat down. What to do now?

There was a small splash and he turned his head. Nothing. Just waves. Could he really be sure that the splash he had heard came from a living creature?

He sighed. Put on his rucksack. There was plenty of light to walk by and trying to get more sleep tonight would be useless.



This is part 5 read part 1 here:


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  1. showard76

     /  March 7, 2012

    I am really enjoying following this story, I look forward to each new installment landing in my inbox 😀


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