Some of you might have noticed that I missed my publishing deadline last Wednesday.

Also the post for this Wednesday is rather late, but at least it will be here in half a minute.

As the title suggests, I am quite busy with my exams. When they are finally over and done with, I have promised myself to write as if there were no tomorrow and finish Moving Forwards. But right now, I have to pay attention to my maths book… And you’ll all have to make do with Rainbow.

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  1. For essay exams I would memorize a key word per each paragraph I intended to write. Then I would just write the dozen or so first letter of each in the margin and I had a legal memory-cheat sheet so to speak from which to refer so my essays were complete. If I did not know the essay in advance I would burn a few minutes to use the technique as an outline.

    • That’s a good idea for essays; it gives them a good structure.
      My final exam next week is oral, and since I’m expected to know everything we’ve read up until now, I’m rereading the book.
      I’m also making an outline for every theorem I want to discuss, depending on the topic I get. Which is sort of the same idea…

  2. showard76

     /  April 9, 2012

    Good luck with the exams, we’ll be waiting for you upon your return 🙂


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