Cassandra (version 2)

Cassandra (centre) drawing lots with her right...

Cassandra (centre) drawing lots with her right hand predicts the downfall of Troy in front of Priam (seated, on the left), Paris (holding the apple of discord) and a warrior leaning on a spear, presumably Hector.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cleanliness is next to godliness, it is said. Still, I find myself wishing more and more often that the snakes had left at least a little dirt in my ears. I already know who Paris will bring home with him, and already I hear Hector’s last breath, but everyone is deaf to my warnings.

Sometimes I hear the voices of my children telling me that Troy fell ages ago.

Sometimes I hear my grandchildren’s voices, and those must be my imagination, because I will never have grandchildren, and those voices tell me that I never even experienced the fall of Troy.

I always wish I could believe them.

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