A Long Distance Relationship


One day she looked up and there he was.

His brilliance dazzled her.

She took the first step and almost immediately after they were a couple. Or at least she meant that they were; he never answered her directly. His warmth which had made her fall in love stayed, but a month into their relationship he continued to be distant. No matter how many new dresses she bought and times she got her hair done, he did not come any closer.

She was all for not smothering each other of course, but was 8 light minutes not too far? And with all these clouds coming between them, she was beginning to doubt his commitment.

When for three rainy days she barely saw him, she put her foot down and craved a straight answer from him. He just let his light fall on her and warmed her as always, but then she noticed that he did the same for a woman on the other side of the street.

She spent a week eating ice cream with blackout drapes keeping out his brilliance.

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